I’m one of the writers of this blog. You can call me DJ. If you ask if I’m a manga nerd or if I consider myself to be an otaku, I would say that I do and I don’t. I’m a beginner. You could say I’m the outer layer of an onion, the peel of the banana, the tip of the iceberg. I spent a lot of money on manga, but not enough money. I know a lot about manga, but not enough. So what does that make me? Well when I end up thinking about it, I find that it’s very confusing. In the eyes of the true “in-deep” otaku I’m just a casual reader, but in the eyes of the “normals” I’m already a nerd and perhaps even a weeabo. I used to find that to be quite frustrating. I used to think that either I go one way or I go the other. Having a paltry 195 volumes of manga on my shelves I knew that I had to reach at least 1,000 before I can call myself a true manga fanatic. But you know what? Somehow I’ve grown passed that. Someone in my heart of hearts I’ve come to accept that I’m a casual manga fan.

“I like what I like and I can like that much because I like it.”

That’s the phrase that I’m riding on these days. I like buying manga, but I also like eating normal meals. I love the smell of freshly printed manga on my shelves but I also like being able to wear warm clothes for the winter. I can spend $400 on manga, but mind you I’ll spend $1,000 on school and other utilities. And why the hell not? We’re in a new age. The nerd is coming out on top and there is a new layer coming about; they are the ones who do like what they like and are devoted to it, but are still maintaining some form of sanity or maybe even social normalcy. Otaku and nerds don’t need to be social outcast and freaks. Hell I even know of a rather attractive girl, although this is very rare don’t get me wrong, who is quite into anime and manga. Embrace the new age and fuck off the normals. Read your “Bleach” vol. 24 and still get laid. You can do it! We all can! This is a new shining era of nerdom and otakuism and our deities are smiling on us. Lo! We are approaching our golden age!

Warm Regards, DJ