The 99cents store

January 12, 2009

Normally when one thinks of the 99cents store they think of a bunch of well…junk. But what I found there yesterday contradicts that notion (not sure if the VHS copy of Men in Black II counts…I thought that was pretty funny- I almost bought it).

Mikuru is a model for iPod covers.

Mikuru is a model for iPod covers.

The cover that costs 99cents is a Belkin! An actual well known-brand. Every nerd has to appreciate their electronics being protected from harm. If it is cheap to do so well damn that’s a pretty good deal. Another good thing about the 99cents store is the plastic containers for things like the over 9000 cords that any electronic product comes with/requires.

So all in all, I’d say going to your local 100yen shop, 99cents store, whatever currency cheap store is very well worth it because you never know what you could find.

-katnipp (formerly known as a gendo/neko/etc)