Otakusanpi ni yokuso.

October 28, 2008

Anime this shiny substance from Japan. It hits you how addicted you are when you stay up until 2am to finish Air TV and then look around for a Misuzu wallpaper instead of studying for a biology test. Oh but how innocently it starts out. But before you know it you’re drooling in the middle of the dealer’s floor over a Saber figurine.

True stories all of them. But that’s the life an anime otaku- anime. We think about anime, our rooms (cars, cellphones, laptops, etc) reflect our hobby. Yes I call it a hobby because it is- and it does eat up considerable amounts of time and effort. We may seem lame to the naked eye but to each other we can hold amazing amounts of respect.

Anyways that aside, welcome to our blog. Enjoy the otaku threesome 😀

-commander, neko, gendo, blonde otaku etc