After watching the movie Watchmen I decided it’d be a good idea to read the graphic novel (which I commonly mistake with comic, but I’m wrong apparently.) The story is very powerful I must say, it is on a different level from my favorite manga titles (Gintama, Evangelion Angelic Days, Welcome to the NHK). Watchmen packs a punch with the threat of nuclear war, the outlawment of masked vigilantes, and the death of a fellow masked hero. All this outs a psychological “weight” on their characters and it is this that makes Watchmen interesting. The characters are realistic, the heroes don’t have any superpowers (Dr. Manhattan being an exception of course) these factors make them easy to relate too. All they ever wanted to do was help society by getting rid of criminals but things didn’t really turn out so rosy and romantic.

It is not a bad choice for anyone’s first foray into the world of American style comics. Coming from a Japanese comic mindset the first thing that struck me was the art style. To me it is not as “pretty”; but on the other hand the drawings are more realistic in the sense that they more accurately portray human characteristics. Of course I’m broadly generalizing manga here for easy of argument.


The cover of the graphic novel.

The short story: READ WATCHMEN!



Kote! Men! Doooo!

January 15, 2009

I am a noob at Kendo, I have only been doing Kendo for a few months but Ive started to pick it up pretty quick. Both my Sensei say that my basics are almost perfect having only practiced Kendo for a quarter. This is not uncommon, considering my environment. By practicing at UCI i have access to a Sensei who only teaches a small group of students (around 4-8 ) which means that errors are easily noticed and fixed, compared to a Dojo which contains much, much more students. Recently many of the kendoka who practice at UCI have told me that they have never seen so much skill in a beginner and wished that they were as good as me when they started doing Kendo years ago.



Those praises make me more confident in my Kendo, but i wont let it go completely to my head. I know that i still have a long way to go. I need to practice more waza in order to fight better during Shiai. I love Kendo it’s a sport that i can actually try my hardest to get better at. Hopefully i can get decent enough to beable to fight effectively in the competition at UCLA. LOL wish me luck.


Hello World!

November 3, 2008

Hello World! I am Gian, but you can call me Xaten. I am a healthy well rounded Nerd/Otaku. I live in Irvine, CA and is currently trying to survive my first year of college at UCI. I was born in Kauai, HI where i was greatly influenced by a culture which consisted mostly of Asian immigrants. I lived a carefree life, away from all the hardships of the world, living on a small little wet Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I still remember the day when i was first introduced to Anime. One of my childhood friends showed me a very popular cartoon show in Japan at the time Dragon Ball GT (Japanese dubbed no subtitles) on a public broadcast channel in Hawaii and i was addicted ever since. From there on out i went from Dragon Ball Z, to Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Big O, Trigun, and finnally Cowboy Bebop. I wasnt a big fan of anime at the time, just that as a child i really liked bloody fight scenes.

In 2001 I moved from Hawaii to California. By then i grew out of anime, to me it was childish to watch cartoons at the time and i just concentrated on playing video games. When i was only in middle school my stepdad introduced me to a video game that had forever changed my life. Counter-Strike, i still remember playing CS on a 56k dial up connection on a server (Which name i cant remember.) that all of my stepdad’s family played on. I joined their clan which was called {NsZ} (No Skillz) and we shot up the server all day constantly playing de_dust and cs_militia. Eventually we moved on to another serverĀ  after the other server went down. It was called BLOODSTAR, and by then i had a 256k cable connection and gained a decent amount of skill which put me in the top of the list majority of the time. I remember asking a girl out on that same server, her name was FFXRiku2002 and we played CS together as boyfriend and girlfriend in a psuedo online relationship, it was fun though i have to admit but the moment i got bored i just ignored her being the complete jackass i am. (This wasnt the last time I would hurt a girls feelings by ignoring her) CS took up most of my life, especially when i took it to a competitive level in CAL. I gained lifelong friends in CS that i have never met in real life and a reaction time that rival’s a fly.

By my Sophomore year in high school I watched something on Cartoon Network that intrigued me, Naruto. The blonde haired ninja that wanted to make a name for himself got me into Anime once again. But it was still just a little boy’s love for cool violence in cartoons. It wasnt til I was randomly reading manga in Borders that i turned into the Otaku i am today. While randomly searching through the manga section i came across a manga that changed my life. Onegai Sensei, i remember reading the small graphic novel and being pulled into the universe as i wanted to see the romance of a alien and a highschool grow. I remember not being able to finish manga so i went home and searched it up on google and finding the link to the anime on youtube. I watched episode 1 – 12 in a few hours and then moved on to Onegai Twins within the same day. It was off the same person’s youtube account that i found a anime of pure win. Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu! (I skipped the first episode because i thought the youtube poster posted something else by accident) In that same Month i watched a total of 36 different anime, going for at least 3 different shows a day. I would stay up til 4 in the morning on a school day watching anime or playing a ero-game which at the time i recently discovered after watching AIR. Within 3 years i became a full-fledged Otaku, and watching my grades plummet as I was also addicted to WoW. ( Which i played in the background while watching anime) Eventually i learned how to manage everything in my life, anime is still a big part of my life but I cant spend the amount of time i used to just watching Anime. Now i have to go to kendo, study, play Fallout 3, play Dead Space, go to the Light Saber club meetings, and oh yeah talk to my Girlfriend who is also addicted to anime.

I love anime, its a part of my life.