Yesterday, i had to drop off my brother at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. It was routine, i got up to the front desk and told them he was an unaccompanied minor, and got my self a escort pass so i could see him off. The lady at the ticket counter gave my brother a seat on a earlier flight heading to Las Vegas because all planes coming in and out of Vegas were delayed due to construction and weather. I thought to myself “Nice, we got here early and now we can leave early.”

John Wayne Airport

After checking my brother into the flight, they immediately got two flight attendants and escorted him into the plane 10 minutes prior to the boarding time in which they announced. Due to the fact that i was escorting a unaccompanied minor i had to wait for the plane to be in the air before i was allowed to leave the airport terminal, so i busted out my trusty PSP and began to play some Bleach and Guitaroo Man Lives! It wasn’t till my PSP began to run out of batteries that i noticed that the only power outlets avalable to the public were four ports which sat on the floor with a big sign of a outlet port hovering over it. Which is completely inconvienent to everyone in the terminal who has in their possession of an electronic device that needs charging. (Which would be almost everyone) I went over to see if any of the ports were open and as luck would have it all four ports were taken up by four of the lamest people on earth. Two of them were a fat couple who were messing around with cheap generic dvd players and mp3 players (which were probably bought at target). There was a retarded man playing yellow version on a old gameboy color, the look on his face hints that he doesnt know what the fuck is going on, and the last person was his escort with her phone plugged in to the final port talking to whoever is on the other part of the line about her period. I just gave up and found a seat next to the counter and watch the passengers board the plane through the gate.

Guitaroo man!

Guitaroo man!

While playing Guitaroo man i hear the lady get on the terminal wide intercom and state that the flight has been cancelled to Vegas and is now just heading straight for Pheonix. “SHIT!” i said to myself as i had to litteraly run to the counter and tell them to get my brother off the plane before it began to taxi  onto the runway.  Then he got back to the airport and we waited 4 more hours for his next flight.

P.S i got bored and wrapped up this post early



Otakusanpi ni yokuso.

October 28, 2008

Anime this shiny substance from Japan. It hits you how addicted you are when you stay up until 2am to finish Air TV and then look around for a Misuzu wallpaper instead of studying for a biology test. Oh but how innocently it starts out. But before you know it you’re drooling in the middle of the dealer’s floor over a Saber figurine.

True stories all of them. But that’s the life an anime otaku- anime. We think about anime, our rooms (cars, cellphones, laptops, etc) reflect our hobby. Yes I call it a hobby because it is- and it does eat up considerable amounts of time and effort. We may seem lame to the naked eye but to each other we can hold amazing amounts of respect.

Anyways that aside, welcome to our blog. Enjoy the otaku threesome 😀

-commander, neko, gendo, blonde otaku etc

I’m one of the writers of this blog. You can call me DJ. If you ask if I’m a manga nerd or if I consider myself to be an otaku, I would say that I do and I don’t. I’m a beginner. You could say I’m the outer layer of an onion, the peel of the banana, the tip of the iceberg. I spent a lot of money on manga, but not enough money. I know a lot about manga, but not enough. So what does that make me? Well when I end up thinking about it, I find that it’s very confusing. In the eyes of the true “in-deep” otaku I’m just a casual reader, but in the eyes of the “normals” I’m already a nerd and perhaps even a weeabo. I used to find that to be quite frustrating. I used to think that either I go one way or I go the other. Having a paltry 195 volumes of manga on my shelves I knew that I had to reach at least 1,000 before I can call myself a true manga fanatic. But you know what? Somehow I’ve grown passed that. Someone in my heart of hearts I’ve come to accept that I’m a casual manga fan.

“I like what I like and I can like that much because I like it.”

That’s the phrase that I’m riding on these days. I like buying manga, but I also like eating normal meals. I love the smell of freshly printed manga on my shelves but I also like being able to wear warm clothes for the winter. I can spend $400 on manga, but mind you I’ll spend $1,000 on school and other utilities. And why the hell not? We’re in a new age. The nerd is coming out on top and there is a new layer coming about; they are the ones who do like what they like and are devoted to it, but are still maintaining some form of sanity or maybe even social normalcy. Otaku and nerds don’t need to be social outcast and freaks. Hell I even know of a rather attractive girl, although this is very rare don’t get me wrong, who is quite into anime and manga. Embrace the new age and fuck off the normals. Read your “Bleach” vol. 24 and still get laid. You can do it! We all can! This is a new shining era of nerdom and otakuism and our deities are smiling on us. Lo! We are approaching our golden age!

Warm Regards, DJ