Kote! Men! Doooo!

January 15, 2009

I am a noob at Kendo, I have only been doing Kendo for a few months but Ive started to pick it up pretty quick. Both my Sensei say that my basics are almost perfect having only practiced Kendo for a quarter. This is not uncommon, considering my environment. By practicing at UCI i have access to a Sensei who only teaches a small group of students (around 4-8 ) which means that errors are easily noticed and fixed, compared to a Dojo which contains much, much more students. Recently many of the kendoka who practice at UCI have told me that they have never seen so much skill in a beginner and wished that they were as good as me when they started doing Kendo years ago.



Those praises make me more confident in my Kendo, but i wont let it go completely to my head. I know that i still have a long way to go. I need to practice more waza in order to fight better during Shiai. I love Kendo it’s a sport that i can actually try my hardest to get better at. Hopefully i can get decent enough to beable to fight effectively in the competition at UCLA. LOL wish me luck.



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