Kote! Men! Doooo!

January 15, 2009

I am a noob at Kendo, I have only been doing Kendo for a few months but Ive started to pick it up pretty quick. Both my Sensei say that my basics are almost perfect having only practiced Kendo for a quarter. This is not uncommon, considering my environment. By practicing at UCI i have access to a Sensei who only teaches a small group of students (around 4-8 ) which means that errors are easily noticed and fixed, compared to a Dojo which contains much, much more students. Recently many of the kendoka who practice at UCI have told me that they have never seen so much skill in a beginner and wished that they were as good as me when they started doing Kendo years ago.



Those praises make me more confident in my Kendo, but i wont let it go completely to my head. I know that i still have a long way to go. I need to practice more waza in order to fight better during Shiai. I love Kendo it’s a sport that i can actually try my hardest to get better at. Hopefully i can get decent enough to beable to fight effectively in the competition at UCLA. LOL wish me luck.



No really it is tons of fun. These aren’t the cheap 10 dollar light sabers you had when you were 7 years old. Oh no, its durable plastic (VERY durable, wack it againstĀ  concrete the saber is fine). These things are a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Here is a fine young lad with his light saber (Sorry for the webcam quality- he lacks a proper camera).

Here is a fine young lad with his light saber (Sorry for the webcam quality- he lacks a proper camera).

If you want to read more about them/order one go to this site here. These things are amazing amounts of fun. Get all your friends to get one and you can have light saber battles with each other! Also these can be great for cosplaying as your favorite Star Wars character if you’re into that. The only downside is the pain of getting hit with one of these ^^;


The 99cents store

January 12, 2009

Normally when one thinks of the 99cents store they think of a bunch of well…junk. But what I found there yesterday contradicts that notion (not sure if the VHS copy of Men in Black II counts…I thought that was pretty funny- I almost bought it).

Mikuru is a model for iPod covers.

Mikuru is a model for iPod covers.

The cover that costs 99cents is a Belkin! An actual well known-brand. Every nerd has to appreciate their electronics being protected from harm. If it is cheap to do so well damn that’s a pretty good deal. Another good thing about the 99cents store is the plastic containers for things like the over 9000 cords that any electronic product comes with/requires.

So all in all, I’d say going to your local 100yen shop, 99cents store, whatever currency cheap store is very well worth it because you never know what you could find.

-katnipp (formerly known as a gendo/neko/etc)